Basic rules of Lakeside Boats, Alexandra Palace

Please abide by the basic rules of boating on the lake:


1.Children aged under 12, non & weak swimmers MUST wear buoyancy aids, advised to all hirers.
2.Children aged under 8 must be accompanied by someone aged 16 or older.
3.The minimum age to hire any boat is 16 years.

Parents/guardians must sign a ticket to allow minors onto the boats

and are responsible for their supervision at all times.
4.Please do not disturb or harass the wildlife & other boat/park users.
5.Splashing, swimming and bumping other boats is not permitted.
6.Please stay away from the edges of the lake.
7.People are not allowed on the island.
8.Smoking or drinking alcohol are not permitted on the boats.
9.Do not collect or drop off persons at the side of the lake.
10.Remain in your boat not standing, keep your hands and legs inside the boat at all times.
11.The use of bad language or anti-social behaviour is not permitted.
12.Please ask our staff if you need any assistance.


Enjoy the boat trip & thank you for visiting Lakeside Boats and Alexandra Palace Park.
For full terms & conditions of boat hire please see the sign displayed.